Human-like Kensai Monk


Kalvish’s appearance is one of ever shifting patterns of elements. One moment his eyes are as blue as calm oceans, the next an amber-red as soothing as a fire, a graceful dance of color like a fire opal, followerd by billiowing white like the clouds of a summer day. His skin and hair match and shift as well. It might be lovely if it didn’t seem so… alien, and during the rare occasions when he gets emotionally charged his body displays dynamic ranges of change in rapid order. He can’t control it, and it isn’t a threat in and of itself, but this elemental mixture sets him apart from everyone he’s ever met and makes it impossible to “blend in”.


After the Second Era of Skyfire, the land of Calimshan was torn apart as genasi warlords feuded over human slaves and land. It was into this chaos that an elementalist from Zakhara to the south and east made his stand. The elementalist sought to bind the still lingering energies of Memnon and Calim and their elementally charged allies into himself. Something went wrong however, and the merging of these energies did not empower the mage, but instead destroyed him; his soul and being was just another energy to be used in the formation of a new being. A being in whom all the elements swirled and changed, fighting for dominance against one another and thus in balance with each other.

The elementalist’s aides, a couple of human slaves he had purchased to help him with the mundane tasks of his life, took pity on the newborn child and named him Kalvish and raised him as their own. Fearing the genasi warlords would simply enslave them and their child, the family began fleeing to the north. And they were helped by bands of Calishites who had been told of a prophecy of a child who was blessed by all four elements and would in turn bestow his blessing on the lands and people of Calimshan.

Of course, others had also heard of the child. Some sought to use him to justify their own power, others sought to destroy the baby before he could threaten a status quo they favored, and a few had dreams of succeeding where the elementalist failed and harnessing Kalvish’s amalgam of energies for his own. While some worked to help the family, not all did.
And this was life for Kalvish: running, hiding, never knowing if that stranger would help his family or try to destroy it. A loyal “uncle” joined the group after a while, providing protection and training Kalvish in the arts of self-defense and combat. At some point in his mid teen years, after entering the Sword Coast, Kalvish told his family he was leaving them. His parents objected, but Kalvish pointed out it was his time to make his own way in the world. His “uncle” said nothing, and merely handed the boy Little Brother with a nod.

And Kalvish left his family, walking away from them up a hill. As he went down the hill, before they were out of sight, he turned back and looked and smiled at them.

He would never see them again or learn what happened to them.


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