Aiden Cairn

An unkempt man who frequently argues with himself


Aiden is a tall human in his early thirties. Greasy black hair conceals piercing blue eyes which dart about, seeming to see things that aren’t there. Strings of bulbs, mushrooms, and the occasional skinned animal hang, drying, about his torn and filthy robe. Underneath, the glint from steel plate and heavy mail shows he is not unprepared for conflict. He mutters to himself continuously in a diabolic tongue, an intense argument with an invisible foe. You think you hear your own name amongst his unfamiliar words. At night, he sleeps rigidly, grasping a scaly monkey’s paw tight to his chest. The argument sometimes breaks out in his sleep, but does not wake him.

In public, he becomes a quiet and focused man. His voice sweetens, and a silvery tongue is surprisingly skilled at talking strangers into doing things. In Battle, he points at foes and they erupt in flames, melt into green decay, or explode from the impact of sizzling violet bolts. If foolish enough to close the distance, from thin air he summons a cruel and dark blade, wielding it with two massive arms, cleaving through target and bystander in the same blow. Duplicates of his form sometimes emerge from the shadows to mimic his actions, confusing opponents and misdirecting their attacks.


Aiden Cairn

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